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Chemical Changes Recall that during a physical change, the identity of matter does not change. However, a chemical changeis a change in matter in which the substances that make up the matter change into other substances with new physical and chemical properties. When iron undergoes a chemical change with oxygen, rust forms. Study Flashcards On Prentice Hall: Science Exploerer: Physical Science: K: Chemical Building Blocks: Chapter 1: Introduction to Matter: Final Cards at Cram.com. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. melts (see Figure L2.1). Scientists classify changes in matter as either a chemical change or a physical change. A chemical change is defined as a change in the composition and properties of a substance. Chemical changes involve the rearrangement of molecules or atoms and result in the pro-duction of one or more new substances. A physical change These two changes are called physical changes and chemical changes. A physical change is a change in which the substance is the same type of matter before the change and after the change. An example of this type of change is water melting (water is still water whether it is solid or liquid).