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Gained fame as one of the contributing animators and stars of the comedy YouTube channel DanPlan. The channel has earned more than 1.8 million subscribers through animations of everything from advice to survival scenarios.Hosuh's face immediately fumed, and he took small glances at me before inhaling, then fully turning to me. He then leaned in a gave me a small peck on the lips. My face fumed the deepest red possible. +5'6" (167cm) Hosuh Lee is a Korean YouTuber who is part of the collaboration animation channel DanPlan, a YouTube channel with previously over 2 million subscribers. In one of Jay's livestreams, it was revealed that he has to leave the channel to train in the military, which is mandatory for all Korean men. So DanPlan is over, no Hosuh, No Jay, No Stephen, And Dan appears even more like an asshole. Unless something changes and fast Dan is ruined. The worst part for him is that he showed his face on streams so people he knows more than likely know he was an asshat to his supposed close friends and are treating him as such.