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The FreePBX Distro has made deploying, configuring and using a PBX system easier than ever! With an easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface), getting started is a breeze! Sangoma IP Phones Designed Exclusively for FreePBX are Designed to work with FreePBX, Sangoma IP phones are so smart you can quickly and easily use them right out of the box. Google used to permit outbound Gtalk calls using a fake CallerID, but that obviously led to abuse so it’s over! You also have to tie your Google Voice account to at least one working phone number as part of the initial setup process. Your cellphone number will work just fine. Don’t skip this step either. Sep 11, 2012 · Follow the instructions with the IAX phone you have chosen and follow the steps below: 1. Add an entry into your iax.conf file like below if you have not already [firefly01] type=friend accountcode=firefly01 context=default auth=plaintext host=dynamic permit= secret=test qualify=yes 2.