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Now in the light of this theory and the evidence of very significant accelerated plant growth, that I will soon present, I will suggest that adding even a small amount of magnetite and or magnetic water to the soil has a very similar effect but even more so, on plant growth as that of paramagnetic soil alone. Then, write a hypothesis or prediction. 1. How does the distance from an eye chart affect the number of letters that are recognized on a line? Constant/Control Variables: eye chart, position of viewer, light in room Hypothesis/Prediction: _____ 2. How does the amount of light affect the growth of a plant?Hypothesis: If plants are watered with a 10% detergent solution, their growth will be negatively affected. Some people prefer to state a hypothesis in an "If, then" format. An alternate hypothesis might be: Plant growth will be unaffected by water with a 10% detergent solution.