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Completely awesome place to do business with. Made and order of 308 Nosler 168 grain projectiles and 100 cases, shipping was one of the fastest I've seen.....even here to Honolulu! and the condition of the cases was outstanding. I look forward in doing business with Diamond K Brass again in the near future. Jul 16, 2018 · We shoot Armscor .223 Rem 62gr FMJ ammunition from a 10.5″ and 18″ AR15 into Clearballistics ballistic gel to measure velocity, penetration, expansion/fragmentation, and retained weight. If you aren’t already subscribed to us, you’re missing great content! Best Reviews Armscor 22 Mag Ammo Review And Atlanta Arms 308 Ammo Review Download You'll see ammunition reviews, military surplus rifle data, the occasional book review, and more! In this video, I am trying to find if Armscor .308 is safe in my Ishapre 2a1. There is a debate about...