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Nov 17, 2017 · Worksheets are osmosis practice problems diffusion and osmosis work answers name date period answer key for osmosis and tonicity osmosis work 20 points answers osmosis work 20 points answers diffusion osmosis challenge key amoeba sisters video recap. Macromolecules test review worksheet Macromolecules coloring and information huge coloring packet Amoeba Sisters Biomolecules video Amoeba Sisters Biomolecules video handout Carbohydrates Identification Lab handout Protein Identification Lab handout Enzyme lab handout Enzyme animation Enzymes Section 2.4 book worksheet Section 2.4 book scan Try these printable worksheets to help students differentiate between addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, or all operations. They help develop concepts of which math operation is reasonable for a problem and for developing number sense.