Ram timings
Gpu fan pulsing
Injector rattle
Decode VIN number information on the following makes and models:Lexus ES 250, Lexus ES 300, Lexus ES 330, Lexus ES 350, Lexus GS 300, Lexus GS 350, Lexus GS 400, Lexus GS 430, Lexus GS 450h, Lexus GS 460, Lexus GX 470, Lexus HS 250h, Lexus IS 250, Lexus IS 250 C, Lexus IS 300, Lexus IS 350, Lexus IS 350 C, Lexus IS F, Lexus LS 400, Lexus LS 430 ... Apr 24, 2014 · I have an 80,000 mile '93 LS400 and have read a lot on other forums about the ECU capacitors failing through old age, humidity, heat etc. I thought my car ran pretty well but as I am intending to keep it I decided to have the capacitors replaced before they leak and possibly damage the ECU circuit board. The Lexus LS 400 is a car that deserves its status as one of the most reliable vehicles on the road, but as with all things, it has its drawbacks. These are not the cheapest vehicles to repair ...